Your Forever Home: Is Utah a Good Place to Retire?

Utah is one of the most popular states in the country. Since 2020, the state's population increased by more than 120,000 people. In particular, many Californians are moving for greener pastures in Utah.

There are several reasons why outdoor lovers are packing up and heading to Utah. There's a lot of undeveloped land and natural beauty here. Taxes are low and the state is more affordable than coastal states.

Many elderly people are asking, is Utah a good place to retire? Read on for a comprehensive guide to retiring in Utah. Explore popular places to relocate to such as Park City, Utah.

Why Is Utah Appealing to Retirees?

Utah consistently ranks as a top 10 state to retire in. National surveys have ranked Utah as high as the second-best state for retirees.

There are many reasons why retirees choose Utah. The state's natural beauty is one of the top reasons. Utah has all four seasons and offers some of the best national parks in the country.

Life expectancy rates are higher in Utah. The average resident lives to nearly 79 years old, which ranks Utah in the top 10 in the United States.

Utah also has a great healthcare system. It's ranked second in the nation for healthcare quality. Utah also ranks high for access to healthcare.

Healthcare is important to retirees and goes hand-in-hand with life expectancy. Here in Utah, you can expect to live long and well.

Some Utah tax policies work in favor of retirees. For example, Utah does not have an inheritance or estate tax. This means that you can pass on your assets to loved ones without penalty.

State income tax is on the lower side at 4.85%. For those still working, you keep more of your hard-earned income in Utah.

Is Utah an Affordable Place to Retire?

Affordability is another reason why Utah is popular with retirees. Without employment income, American retirees rely on their savings and Social Security. For most, this is a fraction of their prior income.

Expats from California are moving to Utah to save on housing. The median home price for a Californian home is more than $830,000.

Median home prices are much lower in Utah, even in Salt Lake County. Also, taxes and home insurance are less in Utah than they are in coastal states like California or New York.

At the high end of the real estate market, you can get more bang for your buck than in California. There are 5,000+ square-foot homes available in Utah on oversized plots of land. Park City homes for sale include new construction and developments, perfect for expats looking for a fresh start.

What Is There to Do in Utah?

Activities and entertainment are one of the many reasons that people are flocking to Utah. Take Park City as a perfect example.

Park City is a short drive away from Salt Lake City. You can enjoy all the nightlife and shopping that a major city offers. Many sports fans like to catch a Utah Jazz game or other professional sports.

There is much to do in Park City, which features a vibrant downtown. It is a luxury community with amazing places to shop and eat. 

Outdoor lovers never run out of things to do in Utah. In the winter, Utah residents and visitors enjoy ski resorts. Besides skiing, they use the snow-covered mountains for snow tubing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

There are homes for sale in Park City, Utah, right on the ski slopes. You can step outside and get right to it.

There are just as many outdoor activities to do in the warmer seasons. Retirees like to walk or bike on mountain trails. More than half a dozen local golf courses are available to residents.

Watersports and boating are popular in the summer. The Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake are within driving distance and offer all your favorite activities like fishing, jet skiing, parasailing, and more.

For those who want to skip the drive, Jordanelle State Park is right outside Park City. The State Park has a large body of water to enjoy.  

What Are the Best Places to Retire?

Park City is just one great place to settle down for retirees. Summit Park is a mountaintop community due east of Salt Lake City.

The town sits on the northern outskirts of Park City Mountain and perched atop Parley's Summit. There are affordable luxury homes in Summit Park with proximity to Park City's downtown area.

Do you want to live a full-time ski resort lifestyle? Sundance is the perfect option for you.

Home to the Sundance Mountain Ski Resort, this land was developed by Robert Redford in the late 1960s. It spans over Mount Timpanogos and gives residents some of the best rustic scenery to enjoy. Sundance is about 12 miles north of Utah Lake State Park.

Jordanelle is another popular area in Utah. It is moments away from Main Street in Park City and many local ski resorts. There are luxury homes for sale within close proximity to the Jordanelle Reservoir.

Kimball Junction also offers an appealing option for retirees. There's a little of everything for home shoppers in Kimball Junction. There are high-end suburban neighborhoods and luxury condominium communities.

Kimball Junction also offers price flexibility for retirees. There are modestly priced homes that are more affordable than Jordanelle or Sundance.

Deer Valley is the last area that we'll highlight. It is home to the Deer Valley Resort, which is the top-rated ski resort in the United States. This is a luxury community known for its spectacular mountain views.

There are many other communities in the Park City area. A knowledgeable and reputable real estate agent can help you find a community that meets your social and budgetary needs.

Is Utah a Good Place to Retire?

This article has clearly established that retiring to Utah is a wise move. The quality of life in Utah is exceptional. Utahns enjoy a high quality of life with spectacular outdoor scenery and activities.

Laura Willis is a realtor who can help you retire in Utah. If you're wondering "Is Utah a good place to retire?", contact Laura Willis at Summit Sotheby's International Realty to get started today.

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