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Why List with Laura Willis at Summit Sotheby's International Realty?

Choosing the right real estate professional can make all the difference in your property journey. Here are a few compelling reasons to list with Laura Willis at Summit Sotheby's International Realty:

1. Exceptional Market Expertise: Laura Willis specializes in the Park City real estate market, including Park City Limits, Snyderville Basin, and Jordanelle. With a deep understanding of these areas, Laura offers insights and strategies tailored to meet your specific needs.

2. Unparalleled Marketing Reach: Sotheby's International Realty’s marketing strategy is second to none. By listing with Laura, your property gains exposure on a global scale, reaching potential buyers in over 56 countries.

3. Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging data from Park City MLS, Wasatch Front MLS and Domus Analytics, Laura ensures that every decision is informed and strategic, maximizing your property's market potential.

All about SothebysRealty.com

Sotheby's International Realty: A Class Apart 

At Sotheby’s International Realty, we pride ourselves on being different. Our approach to real estate marketing is innovative, comprehensive, and designed to achieve remarkable results.

Superior Marketing Strategies

1. Global Exposure: With a presence in over 70 countries, Sotheby's International Realty offers unmatched global exposure. Our website, sothebysrealty.com, attracts millions of visitors monthly, with 56% of them coming from outside the U.S.

2. High-Quality Visuals: We invest in high-quality property videos and photography to showcase your property in the best light. In 2023 alone, our property videos were played over 49 million times, ensuring your listing gets the attention it deserves.

3. Targeted Digital Advertising: Our digital marketing strategy includes targeted ads on high-traffic platforms and websites, ensuring your property reaches potential buyers wherever they are. This includes prominent sites like Facebook, Instagram, CNN, and YouTube.

4. Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the importance of mobile browsing, our website is fully optimized for mobile devices. With 67% of our visitors accessing the site via mobile, your property is always accessible to on-the-go buyers.

5. SEO and Organic Search: Our website ranks highly on search engines, with 42% of our traffic coming from organic searches. This means your property is easily discoverable by buyers actively searching for real estate.

2023 Web Performance Metrics

Average Monthly Visits: 4,358,690
Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 2,407,587
Average Monthly Page Views: 51,963,363
Percent of Visitors from Outside the U.S.: 56%
Total Visits from Outside the U.S.: 29,387,537
Percent of Mobile Visitors: 67%

Affiliate Data Snapshot

- Total Exclusive Properties: 36,822
- Total Agents: 24,929
- Total Property Video Plays: 49,417,627
-Total Property Detail Views in Q4 2023: 15,452,128
-Total Property Detail Views in 2023: 51,986,847

Key Growth Trends

The year began slowly, mirroring a broader industry trend of reduced search activity. However, traffic surged in the latter half of the year, with:
- 37% increase in visits year-over-year in Q3 and Q4
- 47% increase in visits in Q4 alone
- August 2023 marked the peak with over 6 million visits

Detailed Traffic Growth

Q3 2022 vs. Q3 2023:
- Visits: 13,982,037 (2022) to 16,357,731 (2023) - 17% increase
- Visitors: 8,941,489 (2022) to 8,549,214 (2023) - 5% decrease
- Pageviews: 137,939,150 (2022) to 173,373,619 (2023) - 26% increase

Q4 2022 vs. Q4 2023
- Visits: 9,529,560 (2022) to 14,027,390 (2023) - 47% increase
- Visitors: 5,814,608 (2022) to 7,798,929 (2023) - 34% increase
- Pageviews: 114,367,946 (2022) to 150,710,877 (2023) - 32% increase

Full Year 2022 vs. Full Year 2023:
- Visits: 46,556,468 (2022) to 52,304,291 (2023) - 9% increase
- Visitors: 28,635,996 (2022) to 28,891,047 (2023) - 1% increase
- Pageviews: 404,612,150 (2022) to 623,560,364 (2023) - 54% increase

Top Searches and Demographics

Top 10 Searches:
1. London, GBR
2. Dubai, UAE
3. New York, NY, USA
4. Private Island (Lifestyle)
5. Lake Como, Italy
6. Hamptons, NY
7. Los Angeles, CA
8. Paris, France
9. Cape Town, South Africa
10. Miami, FL

Age Distribution of Visitors:
- 18-24 years: **19%
- 25-34 years: **25%
- 35-44 years: **20%
- 45-54 years: **16%
- 55-64 years: **12%
- 65+ years: **8%*

Top 10 Countries by Visits:
1. United States
2. India
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. Germany
6. Australia
7. Belgium
8. France
9. Brazil
10. Egypt

Sources of Visits:
- Organic Search: 42%
- Direct: 20%
- Display Advertising: 18%
- Paid Search: 11%
- Referral Sites: 5%
- Social Media: 3%
- Email Marketing: 1%

Top Referring Sites (excluding search engines):
1. Facebook.com
2. Realtor.com
3. Instagram.com
4. CNN.com
5. Luxuryestate.com
6. YouTube.com
7. Yahoo.com
8. MSN.com
9. LinkedIn.com
10. People.com


The significant increase in web traffic and engagement on Sothebysrealty.com in 2023 underscores the brand’s strong online presence and effective digital strategies. As Sotheby’s International Realty continues to attract a global audience, the platform’s growth trends and user demographics reveal critical insights into the evolving dynamics of real estate search and consumer behavior.

For more detailed statistics and trends, visit: Sothebysrealty.com 

Leveraging these insights can enhance your understanding of the digital landscape in real estate, providing a competitive edge in attracting and engaging potential buyers and sellers. Listing with Laura Willis at Summit Sotheby's International Realty not only gives you access to these comprehensive strategies but also ensures your property is presented to a global audience with unmatched professionalism and expertise.

The information provided in this blog post is based on data from Sothebysrealty.com for the full year of 2023. Statistics reported do not count internal or corporate traffic. Individual results may vary. Always consult with a qualified real estate professional for personalized advice and strategies.

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