Welcome to Velvaere Park City a Ski in Ski Out Lifestyle Community

Are you tired of the same old tropical destination? Many Americans are opting out of palm trees and beach sand. Instead, they are turning to snow-covered mountaintops for action and adventure.

In fact, there are nearly 11 million snow sports participants each year. Tourists travel across the United States to stay at the best ski resorts.

Park City, Utah is one destination that is becoming increasingly popular. It is located just 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport. This makes it ideal for property investors and buyers looking for a second home.

Read on to learn all about Valvaere Park City, a newly constructed ski in ski out lifestyle community. Explore what makes this type of ski community so popular.

What Is a Ski In Ski Out Community?

Before diving into what makes Valvaere Park City special, it is important to understand what a ski in ski out community is. Simply put, this term means you can access ski slopes and trails right outside the door of your accommodations.

You can ski right up to the front door after a day on the slopes. The benefit for travelers is that they do not have to wake up each day and drive to the resort. Eliminating steps like finding parking and carrying your ski equipment is crucial for reducing stress factors.

The convenience afforded in this type of setup certainly increases demand. Resort guests that land these accommodations pay more for their stay.

Real estate buyers are now actively seeking out these communities. The good news is that there are 12 different communities for house hunting near Park City.

Construction is currently underway on the 12th community in Park City. Called Velvaere, you can get in on a new house right on the mountainside.

There will be over 115 residences in Velvaere. This includes 35 estate homes, a dozen cabins, and nearly 70 paired homes.

There are both public and private ski runs connected to Velvaere. You will have access to chair lifts to take you to the top of the mountain. Biking and hiking trails are also interwoven into the 60-acre land plot.

With so many housing options, we can help buyers with a range of budgetary needs. Construction at Velvaere gives homebuyers and investors alike a fresh opportunity to start living their ski lifestyle.

What Is There to Do in Park City?

For some investors and home hunters, buying a house is about more than skiing. These buyers want to know what there is to do when the snow sports season ends.

Fortunately for residents, Park City is rich in culture and entertainment. All year long, there are concerts and festivals. Park City is known for film screenings, art, and culinary specialties.

When the weather turns warmer, golf is popular in Utah. There are at least eight critically-acclaimed golf courses near Park City to enjoy.

There are also farmers markets where you can shop for locally-grown produce and baked goods. Athletically-minded buyers can play in competitive cornhole tournaments or enjoy outdoor yoga with a scenic view. Check out our Park City calendar of events to learn more about exciting events in the near future.

What Are Common Resort Amenities?

Living in a ski community like Velvaere comes with many benefits. There is much more to take advantage of than skiing and snowboarding.

Communities like Velvaere are family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. There are pools and hot tubs to enjoy all year. There are indoor games and activities throughout the year.

Adults appreciate the convenience and luxury of living in a resort community. Rooftop bars and restaurants provide a place to catch up with friends and family. There are grab-and-go markets for food and coffee after a long day on the slopes.

Storage is aplenty in ski communities like Velvaere. Here, you can store your gear and enjoy all of these amenities.

Why Are Americans Relocating to Utah?

There are many reasons why starting a ski lifestyle in Utah is popular with Americans. Real estate investors aren't the only ones interested in Park City. Many people want to relocate permanently to this historic resort town in Utah.

In particular, there is an exodus from coastal states like California and New York. It is also common to see expats from warm southern states like Florida and Texas.

Since the 2020 U.S. Census, Utah is the third-fastest-growing state in the country. More than 55,000 people moved to Utah during this period. This figure does not include temporary residents who are buying a secondary home here.

People are moving to Utah to embrace a quieter and more traditional lifestyle. Gone are the overcrowded tourist traps with heavy traffic and overpriced homes.

Instead, Utah offers open land and a plethora of natural beauty. There are 5 national parks in Utah that are within driving distance from Park City. You can go rock climbing in the Cottonwood Canyons or fly fishing on the Provo River.

The cost of living is much cheaper than densely populated cities like Miami or San Diego. Property and state taxes are significantly less than in California or New York. Instead of giving your money to the government, you are financially empowered to buy the home you deserve and need.

In Utah, you also get to enjoy all four seasons. States like Florida and Texas are warm most of the year and rarely see snow. Here in Utah you will enjoy the ski slopes in January and the golf course in June.

Your Guide to Skiing in Park City

You are now ready to take your next adventure in Park City. Whether you are staying for a week or forever, Park City has a lot to offer.

Nature's beauty awaits in Utah whether it is snow-covered mountaintops, rivers, or canyons. Moving to Utah is going to afford you an opportunity to enjoy all of these things more often.

If you are interested in living in a ski-in ski-out community like Velvaere, contact us today to start planning your dream home.

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