Park City, Utah Cost of Living: Your Complete Guide

As the winter sports capital of the United States, Park City, Utah, holds many attractions for residents. It offers a safe, small-town environment, excellent schools, mild weather, great food, and abundant activities all year round.

If this sounds like the ideal place for your next real estate purchase, it makes sense to look into the Park City, Utah cost of living. 

The latest Consumer Price Index published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that consumers across the country are paying more for most things nowadays.

Read on to discover how this affects the cost of living in Park City.

Factors That Impact the Park City, Utah Cost of Living

According to the latest statistics provided by PayScale, the cost of living in Park City is 64% higher than the Utah average. Calculating these costs is never as simple as looking at averages, though.

There are important variables that don't come into play when considering these expenses, as well as the basics mentioned below:


Park City is home to many large, sophisticated homes. These highly desirable properties feature every conceivable luxury, like:

  • Heated swimming pools
  • Luxe bathrooms
  • Private entrances
  • State-of-the-art appliances
  • Underfloor heating
  • Spas and saunas
  • Premium security systems

Most occupy prime locations amid expansive grounds and have stunning views over the mountains and trees. Unsurprisingly, these elite properties sell for a median price of several million dollars.

It's easy to see how these extravagant Park City homes drive up the area's average housing price.


Despite the cold winters in this part of the world, the average Park City resident's utility bill is lower than the national average.

According to key findings from a nationwide study by the Citizens' Utility Board, Utah ranks first in the country for affordable electricity prices. With many new solar installations in the pipeline, the state should maintain a high degree of affordability.


Utah's gas prices are generally higher than the national average, but you rarely need a car when you live in Park City.

The town is infinitely walkable and offers a free public transport service comprising the Main Street trolley and a bus system. At least two buses arrive at each bus stop every hour.

If you need to travel further afield, you can hire an Uber or shuttle service.


Statisticians only take the price of a few basic items into account when weighing up food costs. They don't look at things like restaurant or takeout prices, and they don't consider quality.

Park City's food prices are slightly higher than the national average, although that's a common phenomenon in smaller towns where stores don't benefit from the best bulk wholesale prices.

Many of the town's restaurants offer an excellent array of dishes at affordable prices compared to establishments in cities like Salt Lake City or New York.

Shoppers who want to snap up great prices on fresh vegetables straight from the source can head to the local farmer's market for a wonderful selection of well-priced produce.

It's easy for Park City residents to moderate the cost of food with sensible shopping.

Other Factors Impacting the Cost of Living in Park City

The basic items listed above are necessities, and Park City residents only have a little control over how much they spend on them. Many other things impact the real cost of living in a particular place.

Park City Income vs. Basic Expenses

According to the World Population Review, the average annual income for people living in Park City, UT, is $219,215. MIT's Cost of Living Calculator shows that this is well above the minimum requirement for Summit County, which takes Park City into account.

These calculations take taxes into account and show that, at most, a family would need to earn $135,505 to afford the most common living expenses in this area.

If you're considering moving to Park City, it's important to take these relative calculations into account.

Can you pay slightly more for living expenses in exchange for a high quality of life? If so, buying a property in Park City is a good option.

Health Care Costs

Health care is a necessity, but the cost of health insurance varies widely depending on the insurer you choose and your stage of life.

Elderly people, young families, and those with chronic health issues need more extensive, expensive coverage to meet their needs. If we go back to the PayScale calculations, we see that healthcare is 4% cheaper in Park City compared to the national average.

The Cost of Child Care

For working parents with small children, child care is a major monthly expense. Retirees and those with older children don't incur these costs.

If you have young children who require additional care outside of school hours, you can expect to pay around $30,000 per year for child care, according to the Cost of Living Calculator.

Recreation and Luxuries

Spoiling yourself might seem like an unnecessary expense at times, but everyone needs regular feel-good activities to ensure their mental well-being.

Park City residents can save a lot of money when it comes to this aspect. Surrounded by gorgeous nature, this tight-knit, friendly community offers many opportunities for free outdoor recreation and socializing.

You don't need to spend money to keep your family entertained in this beautiful place.

Embrace Luxury Living in Park City, Utah

Increasing costs are part of life in every state. So whether you live in Florida, California, Texas, or New York, you've likely noticed an increase in daily expenses.

Don't let rising prices cramp your style. The Park City, Utah cost of living goes hand in hand with a high quality of life that provides a welcome respite from everyday stresses.

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