Explore Park City Real Estate: Market Trends, Key Areas, and Property Insights for 2024

Exploring the Vibrant Real Estate Market in Park City, UT

Park City, Utah, renowned for its stunning landscapes, world-class ski resorts, and vibrant community, is also home to a dynamic real estate market. Whether you're looking for a luxurious single-family home, a convenient condo, or an investment property, the diverse neighborhoods and market trends in Park City provide a plethora of opportunities. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the latest market statistics, explore the key areas, and provide insights into the types of properties available, including single-family homes and condos.

Understanding the Market Trends

The Park City real estate market has shown significant changes over the past year. Analyzing data from the Park City MLS, we can identify key trends and metrics that are shaping the market as of May 2024.

1. Median Sales Price: The median sales price across various property types and areas provides a crucial indicator of market health. In Park City Limits, the median sales price for single-family homes increased by 26.7% from May 2023 to May 2024, reaching $3,507,500. Similarly, in Snyderville Basin, the median sales price for single-family homes rose by 41.9% to $2,085,000. In contrast, the Jordanelle area experienced a 50% drop in median sales price, now at $4,050,000.

2. Closed Sales: The number of closed sales indicates market activity and buyer interest. Park City Limits saw a slight increase of 0.3% in closed sales, whereas Snyderville Basin experienced a significant 22.6% increase. The Jordanelle area, however, faced a 6.7% decrease in closed sales.

3. New Listings and Active Inventory: The availability of new listings and the level of active inventory are vital for understanding supply dynamics. New listings in Park City Limits surged by 345%, while Snyderville Basin saw a decrease of 34.9%. Jordanelle's new listings plummeted by 91.3%.

4. Median Days on Market: This metric indicates how quickly properties are selling. In Park City Limits, the median days on market decreased by 32.9%, suggesting a quicker turnaround for listings. Snyderville Basin also saw a reduction in median days on market by 18.6%, while Jordanelle's market slowed down with a 46.2% increase.

Key Areas in Park City

Park City is divided into several distinct areas, each offering unique living experiences and investment opportunities. Here, is information for Park City Limits, Snyderville Basin, and Jordanelle. Contact us for information on other areas. 

1. Park City Limits
Park City Limits encompasses the heart of the city, including popular neighborhoods such as Old Town, Thaynes Canyon, Lower Deer Valley Resort, Deer Crest, and Upper Deer Valley Resort. This area is known for its proximity to ski resorts, historic charm, and vibrant downtown.

- Market Highlights:
- Median Sales Price: $3,507,500
- New Listings: 69 (345% increase)
- Median Days on Market: 45 days (32.9% decrease)

2. Snyderville Basin
Located just outside Park City Limits, Snyderville Basin offers a mix of residential options, from luxurious estates to family-friendly neighborhoods. The area is prized for its open spaces, recreational opportunities, and easy access to Park City's amenities.

- Market Highlights:
- Median Sales Price: $2,085,000
- New Listings: 178 (34.9% decrease)
- Median Days on Market: 28 days (18.6% decrease)

3. Jordanelle
Jordanelle is a rapidly developing area known for its scenic beauty and proximity to Jordanelle Reservoir. The area is popular among those seeking luxury homes with stunning lake and mountain views.

- Market Highlights:
- Median Sales Price: $4,050,000 (50% decrease)
- New Listings: 42 (91.3% decrease)
- Median Days on Market: 5 days (46.2% increase)

Single-Family Homes vs. Condos

The Park City market offers a variety of property types to suit different lifestyles and investment goals. Let's compare single-family homes and condos in the region.

Single-Family Homes
Single-family homes in Park City cater to a range of preferences, from spacious estates in serene settings to modern houses near urban amenities. They offer privacy, space, and often come with larger lots and exclusive amenities.

- Park City Limits: Single-family homes here command a high median sales price of $3,507,500, reflecting the area's desirability and limited supply.
- Snyderville Basin: More affordable than Park City Limits, with a median sales price of $2,085,000, offering a balance of luxury and accessibility.
- Jordanelle: High-end market with a median sales price of $4,050,000, though currently experiencing a significant price drop.


Condos provide a more affordable entry into the Park City market and are popular among second-home buyers and investors looking for rental income. They offer convenience, with many located near ski resorts and downtown amenities.

- Median Sales Price Trends:
- Condos in Park City Limits: Median sales price around $1,300,000, up from $710,000 in the prior year, indicating strong demand.
- Snyderville Basin: Median sales price for condos and townhouses is approximately $907,500, reflecting a balanced market.
- Active Inventory: Current inventory levels for condos and townhouses indicate robust market activity, with many properties listed in desirable locations.

Insights and Investment Opportunities

Park City's real estate market offers diverse opportunities for both homeowners and investors. The market dynamics highlight several key points:

1. High Demand Areas: Park City Limits and Snyderville Basin remain highly sought after, with rising prices and decreasing days on market. These areas are ideal for those looking for a strong investment in a vibrant community.

2. Luxury Market: Jordanelle, despite recent price fluctuations, continues to attract buyers looking for luxury homes with breathtaking views. The area's ongoing development promises future growth potential.

3. Condo Market: Condos in Park City Limits and Snyderville Basin present lucrative opportunities for rental income and long-term appreciation, especially given the proximity to ski resorts and recreational facilities.

4. Market Trends: Keeping an eye on market trends, such as inventory levels and median sales prices, can help buyers and investors make informed decisions. The data shows a dynamic market with opportunities for both appreciation and quick sales.

In conclusion, the Park City real estate market is thriving, with distinct opportunities across different property types and areas. Whether you're seeking a luxurious single-family home, a convenient condo, or an investment property, Park City's diverse neighborhoods and robust market trends make it an attractive destination. Stay informed with the latest market data and insights to make the best real estate decisions in this vibrant community.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on data from the Park City MLS and Domus Analytics as of June 2024. Market conditions can fluctuate, and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we recommend consulting with a real estate professional for the most current market trends and data. The views expressed in this post are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, legal, or real estate advice. Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. Contact Laura Willis for personalized advice and assistance tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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